Filter Elements:
Expanded metal filters

Expanded metal  filters

L.P.S. manufactures filters and components "made to measure" that optimize the production process of the companies.
Custom-designed executive of the client, even in small quantities.

Expanded metal filters

Expanded metal mesh filters for check valves inclined, sink cabinets, thermostatic mixers, taps, valves, hydraulics, etc.
The filters are made of expanded metal working on customer's draw, even in small quantities.
The materials most used are mild steel and stainless steel in the chemical-physical characteristics more suitable for deployment of the filter. Also used the galvanized  steel and other special alloys.
Realize filter elements for demanding applications requiring specialization, knowledge of materials to be used, great professionalism in the execution of processes.
L.P.S. manufactures finished products exactly as you designed them and think about them.