Perforated Sheets:
Round / Square / Slot Holes

Round / Square / Slot Holes Inventory Perforated SheetsInventory Perforated Sheets

Materials: Mild steel – galvanized steel - stainless steel- aluminium- copper - brass – titan – plastic - etc.

sizes: Standard sizes are mm 1000x2000, 1250x2500, 1500x3000; sheets and plates cannot exceed mm.2000x5000.

hole types: Round, square, round and slot, square and slot, flared hole, hexagon holes. Other hole shapes maybe used for particular purposes. We have thousands of different perforating tools at your disposal.
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. The most common hole shapes are: round hole and square hole.
The round holes starts from a diameter of 0,3mm. Thickness goes from 0,3 mm to 15 mm.

Special works: We specialize in sheets ‘holes – as- thickness’ (hole=thickness),as drawing, as sector, as trunk of cone.
The best our feature is the high flexibility in manufacturing. We produce on demand and also we have a stock list of thousands of perforated sheets.

Company Features:  High flexibility in manufacturing even for small quantities and not standard measures;
The attitude of a constant improvement of the service offered to the client that has brought us to provide accurate
quotations and deliveries on time;
L.P.S. has always prepared its own equipments internally,ensuring to the customer the possibility to realize particular
and exclusive products also for small quantities

Round holes (R) 60° staggered pitch (T)

Round holes (R) 90° square pitch (U)

Round holes (R) 45° staggered pitch(M)

Square hole (C) parallel line pitch (U)

Square hole (C) staggered pitch (Z)

Slot hole (LR) straight pitch (U)

Slot hole (LR) staggered pitch (Z)