Expanded Metals:
Expanded Metal Gangways

Expanded Metal Gangways Legend - Dl = Long diagonal in mm
Dc = Short diagonal in mm
A = Strand width in mm
S = Thickness in mm
Section of stair tread (mesh 45x15 sec.5x2,5) - 
Section of stair tread (mesh 45x15 sec.5x2,5) -

Expanded metal gangways

Cold deformation of raw material by expanding, form a surface with regular openings mainly rhomboidal, or hexagonal. Available panels,we can manufacture expanded metal according to customer requirements

Materials: mild steel- galvanized steel - stainless steel– etc.
Sheets and rolls Sizes: mm.1000x2000, 1250x2500,1500x3000 are the standard size, other sizes as required.

Attention: Photos may not be in scale 1/1.