Technical Info:
Flattening and cutting of perforated plates

During perforation sheets is created tensions which lead to more or less marked deformation of the sheets themselves. To overcome this inconvenience sheets are passed through special flattening machines.Perforated sheet with large areas or non-perforated edges can give more problems and therefore not always the result of flattening is perfect. 
Special needs should be agreed in advance also because there are no precise rules on the flatness of the perforated plates. The perforated sheet standard is mostly made ​​from strips of width standard as 1,000 mm, the 1,250 mm and 1,500 mm; therefore the tolerances on measurements are those provided by the steel, unless otherwise agreed. 
We can also supply perforated plates on measures indicated by the client that he draws a double advantage: it avoids costly waste of perforated sheet metal and has the peculiar ready for application. Our stock availability of tapes and sheets , sometimes allows high savings, avoiding or at least limiting the scraps from cutting.